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Meeting Future Uncertainties with What-If Answers

August 27, 2020 | By Greg Bailey

Mitigating risks while charting a way forward is what most organizations are hoping for at the moment. To optimize recovery scenario planning, executives should use a two-fold approach. First, they should look to emerging research on recovery indicators and trends. Second, they need to draft multiple scenarios based on “what if” questions specifically targeted on that research.

“When you underestimate, you don’t spend now, but then you pay a bigger price later. When you overestimate, you spend more now, but you pay a lower price later. Real pressures often push us to under-act for the future.”

Sunil Chopra, Kellogg School of Management

Aligning your strategic moves with customer behavior, economic predictions, and changing work conditions can best position organizations for recovery. In ProSymmetry’s latest white paper, you can read more about how to create scenarios around the following indicators:

  • Scenarios for Distributed Teams and Remote Work
  • Scenarios for Digital Transformation
  • Scenarios for Demand Shock
  • Moving Forward with Business Continuity Plans (based on continuity of business operations, resource availability, online continuity, and constant communication)

When your road map needs to change, charting the way through challenges will require powerful scenario tools to model the future and how we can arrive with preparation, flexibility, and confidence.

Download the full white paper, “Meeting Global Challenges with Powerful What-If Scenario Planning” to read more about how Scenario Planning can help meet future uncertainties with confidence, and find many other resources on the ProSymmetry website.

Abstract: Amid the current global pandemic crisis, organizations are looking for ways to manage, adapt, and look ahead to recovery. Uncertainty makes creating a rapid and informed response plan particularly challenging, but by leveraging resources, organizations can create strategic options for responding to any number of contingencies, changes, or developments. This white paper reviews emerging research into trends and ways forward for multiple industries and outlines how scenario planning can provide answers to pressing “what if” questions that executives need to move forward through uncertainty with confidence.

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