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Reason #5 to Avoid Spreadsheets in Resource Management

October 1, 2020 | By Samantha Varner

Spreadsheets do not include security

It may seem like a safe method, but keeping a spreadsheet under the control of one person is actually the opposite of security. It means that you assume only one person has access and control, but without any mechanism for actually securing your data privacy or integrity.

Multiple insecurities live within spreadsheets, including macros. These can easily become security breaches as malicious macros that compromise work stations or exfiltrate sensitive information. Securing against such threats requires the time and expense of ongoing third-party review.

Resource management teams need security that includes traceability, auditability, distinct permission levels, and other ways not just to fill in a spreadsheet, but also to actually govern it.

Resource Managers themselves will tell you what they need: data validation, transparency, workflow, and scenario building. And they’ll tell you that these are the very reasons they avoid using spreadsheets.

Read ProSymmetry’s full list of Reasons to Avoid Spreadsheets in Resource Management to learn more about the kinds of tools resource managers really need and why they can’t be found in spreadsheets.

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