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Tempus Resource Version 7.2 Release

February 14, 2023 | By Samantha Varner

With the new year comes a newly improved Tempus Resource version 7.2, loaded with user interface refreshes, added features, and functionality enhancements.

Highlights of Tempus Resource Version 7.2 include:

  • Tracking Decision Making: With Tempus’s new decision management capability called Scribe, users can memorialize and capture key decisions made across the portfolio when using Tempus. Rather than having to track down information in various documents, emails, or spreadsheets, Scribe helps share this information more broadly across the organization. Scribe is built directly into Tempus, and users can be granted or denied access to any particular message or chain. Additionally, a new homepage tile titled Scribe Rollup gives users who have been granted access a global view of all decisions that have been made across projects, portfolios, audits, and however an organization is utilizing Tempus. When Tempus’s new bell icon in the top menu bar is clicked, a list of mentions and messages will appear, and users can navigate directly to the referenced project or section to take action on a particular decision or message.
  • Collaboration: With Scribe, Tempus users can collaborate with teammates within the Tempus platform by utilizing project comments, tagging, and notes. Scribe enables users to keep their communications about the project, related resources, and specific task questions in one space, making Tempus a more team-oriented interface for customers. If a resource got moved off a project, users can share the reasons easily in the feed. If a project’s end date is extended, or milestone dates are updated, details can be shared in the project comments area and users can tag team members who need to see the updates, including timestamps for tracking when updates are made. Tempus’s new bell icon in the top menu bar alerts users who are tagged in messages or comments to facilitate in-app alerts and in-app messages from colleagues.
  • Improved Functionality: Version 7.2 includes updated user interface and enhanced functionality for the Bulk Project Allocation Flatgrid and Single Project Allocation Flatgrid. This updated interface modernizes the look and feel of the allocation grids. Tempus users now can change the order of resources. In the Flatgrid, users can group by resource or project name or other attributes, see the total percent unallocated (via Demand Planned Resources), manage resource requests directly in the grid, and more. Additionally, it is now simpler to complete a resource replacement with an option to quickly and equally redistribute all the hours assigned among the selected resources.
  • Improved Reporting: Tempus has new modes of entry with Fiscal Year, Month, and Quarter definitions and Period definitions, including Current Quarter, Next Quarter, YTD, Current Year, and Next Year.

Customers can begin implementing Tempus Resource version 7.2 the week of January 23. To learn more about the features included with this latest version, watch our Tempus Resource Version 7.2 Webinar at

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