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Work Faster and Smarter with the Right Resource Portfolio Management Tool

April 17, 2019 | By Sean Pales

As the scientists of productivity, resource management professionals are always looking for new ways to be more efficient. While unexpected circumstances and resource fluctuations can cause time-consuming changes to projects, managers require a dependable platform to help them oversee each of these evolving parts in motion.

The right Resource Portfolio Management (RPM) tool, built to save time and ensure efficiency for its end-user, can create more ways to work smarter, not harder. Choose an RPM tool that can:

Be a One-Stop Shop

By housing your data in several different locations – timesheets in one document, day-to-day operations in this portal, and next quarter’s game plan in another – it’s difficult to obtain an accurate snapshot of your organization and successfully plan for the future. Not to mention, hopping in and out of multiple programs is time-consuming and increases the likelihood of creating mistakes. Choose a platform with the capacity to do it all. From the simplest, routine entries, to your 12-month forecasting scenarios, keep all your resource management functions streamlined under one provider for easy access to any facet of the operation.

Be in Multiple Places at Once

Often times, resource management tools only allow a single user at a time to view, upload, or manipulate data. When project managers, portfolio managers, and decision makers all need to access their company’s resource management information, this limitation creates a frustrating backlog of work and simply isn’t feasible long-term. Rely on an RPM tool that provides access to multiple users at once from any location. This gives staff the ability to use the software for any reason at anytime from anywhere, and allows for multiple tasks to be addressed simultaneously.

Paint a Picture

Clear reporting of a portfolio’s data is crucial to draw conclusions, pinpoint areas or concern, and convey new ideas. However, these talking points are less convincing with tired, one-dimensional reporting that only provides a limited point of view. Make your data work for you, and avoid pulling dull, tedious recaps month after month. Look for software that will display your results, metrics, and goals in bold, refined ways – all in a matter of a few simple clicks. Impactful reports that are easy to comprehend lead to more informed decision making.

Predict the Future

It’s a challenge to find reliable methods to help foresee the potential success, failure, and overall impacts of certain project decisions. Find a resource management platform that includes a safe space to guess and test hypothetical scenarios across your project portfolio. With the capability to rearrange resource allocations and adjust project variables in real time, businesses can view the best possible outcomes for the future of the company. Using an innovative tool like this to plan ahead for several months, or preferably years, helps leadership make smart business decisions, not just educated guesses.

Working Smarter with Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource prioritizes efficiency and ease-of-use for its clients. The simultaneous multi-user functionality gives team members the ability to track data, allocate resources, and hypothesize future project scenarios – all at the same time within one, unified platform. For portfolio managers overseeing similar projects, the bulk resource allocation feature saves time by applying changes across multiple projects instead of needing to open each project individually.

With less time spent on routine data entry, more time can be allotted to planning ahead with Tempus Resource’s What-if Analysis forecasting tools. The first of its kind in the resource management industry, this unique program gives users the freedom to perform real-time modeling using their company’s up-to-date data. Innovative reporting methods, including intuitive drag-and-drop features, create clean, professional reports of live data or results from What-if simulations.

For more ways to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently with Tempus Resource, contact our team today for a free trial of our platform.


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