Deep Dive into Tempus Resource 5.1

July 15, 2020 | By Samantha Varner

Tempus Resource 2020 Virtual Conference Recap: Sean Pales, ProSymmetry

The latest Tempus Resource version contains too many upgrades and new features to detail in one article, but Sean Pales, ProSymmetry CEO, concluded the Tempus Resource 2020 Virtual Conference with an in-program tour of nearly every innovative and time-saving enhancement. Driven by the voice of Tempus customers, over 30 updates were unrolled in nearly every aspect of the product. Read on for a few key highlights.

Global Replace

When a resource leaves the organization, reallocating their role across multiple projects (which can involve updating every project, role, rights, and more) can be a messy, painful, and time-consuming process. With Global Replace, you can avoid all that manual effort and simply replace one resource across the entire portfolio with just a few clicks.

Skills Matrix

Now, users can create and update their skills matrix so that managers, end users, or both have permissions to set values. Enhanced reporting allows for identification of skills, filtering by attributes, export capabilities to PDF or Excel, and heatmaps of skill adequacies and deficiencies.

Resource Requests to Multiple Resource Managers

When a request isn’t tied to location, it can be sent to multiple resource managers for consideration. That way, the role can be filled with the best match and availability, regardless of geography. This request capability greatly expands flexibility and options for every requestor.

Multiple Bulk Project Allocation Flatgrid Updates

Updates include enhanced heatmapping, bulk concurrent editing, column totals, sticky columns and rows that won’t disappear while scrolling, sorting and filtering project and resource attributes inside the flatgrid, and more.

Field Level Security

While maintaining your current security settings, you can now add security filtering and grant new rights to existing users, grant a mix of view or editing rights, or even set rights by individual field.

Bulk Impersonation

Backup approvers or submitters can be granted impersonation rights to one or multiple other users with custom time frames and rules—and all can be done in bulk.

Kanban View

A portfolio-level Kanban view is richly formatted and flexible in its view options and manipulation capabilities.

Multiple API Updates

These include the ability to view and retrieve all resource request data, interact with the resource request workflow, and merge datasets.

Excel Import Updates

Expect to find enhanced security group settings for projects and resources as well as assignment-centric updates like automatically expanding project start/end dates based on imported data.

Be sure to watch Sean Pales’s entire presentation to catch many more new, updated, and enhanced Tempus Resource features in resource portfolio management, resource request workflow, BPA flatgrid, administration and reporting, project management, scheduling, API, and Excel importing.

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