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Focusrite Case Study

April 30, 2024 | By Samantha Varner

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Nick Thomson, Head of Operations for Focusrite, recognized the need for a resource management platform that could better assist the company with planning and forecasting. “We design, market, and sell audio technology, both hardware and software products for people and businesses who want to create, record, and produce music. Since we develop and design our own hardware and software products, at any point we’re trying to develop, maintain, and ultimately deliver a product roadmap. Having a single source of truth for our roadmaps, stretching into the future, is something invaluable to us.”

Before implementing Tempus, Focusrite leaders struggled to put together and maintain in a coherent way a roadmap that they could collaborate on as a team and share with their resource managers, programme management team, and product management team. Properly allocating resources to meet their roadmap was a big struggle for Focusrite as well. Thomson continues, “Being able to say with any credibility that this is what we think we can deliver with our resource pool, this is what we can’t, any number of scenarios and what-ifs – we needed all of those things, but we couldn’t do them. We were mainly utilizing spreadsheets to capture our roadmap projects, and we were trying to do some resource planning, but it wasn’t ideal.”

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