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Henny Penny Corporation

April 24, 2019 | By Greg Bailey


A lack of resource planning tools forced Henny Penny Corporation to frequently extend their project schedules when resources were unavailable and incur unexpected costs due to last-minute decisions to outsource. The use of static tools like Excel and MS Project to model their resources failed to keep up with the fast-paced changes of their projects over time, and these platforms lacked input from a large group to ensure the data remained accurate. The organization required the flexibility of a platform to both input summarized data as well as tie directly to scheduling tools, a feature previously unavailable in the market. Additionally, Henny Penny Corporation needed a product that could simulate the ever-changing reality of project delivery and provide senior management with summary-level information to make smart, strategic decisions.


With the ability to use Tempus Resource with other products and the flexibility to import data or enter it directly, Henny Penny Corporation adopted the Tempus Resource platform to manage their resources for all major projects across the company’s IT, manufacturing, engineering, and new product development departments. With such sweeping changes, the benefits permeated to all levels of the organization. Functional managers identified resource needs months ahead of time, preventing last-minute crisis situations. Project managers were better equipped to manage their tasks within the resources allocated, and individuals could focus on their work instead of becoming part of what the corporation refers to as resource “thrashing.”

In order to forecast with confidence, Henny Penny Corporation utilized Tempus Resource’s “What-if” modeling for its ability to run scenarios without affecting the base data – a real need that no other products could offer. The tool’s visual appeal engaged executives immediately and now facilitates both high-level and detailed discussions for management to make better decisions based on data rather than a gut feeling. Currently, Tempus Resource’s “What-if” tools are used to make key decisions around timing of projects and help management determine where to make strategic investments in certain resource pools. Feature-rich and highly configurable, Henny Penny Corporation plans to adopt other more advanced capabilities offered by Tempus Resource as the organization becomes more sophisticated and scales their usage of Tempus Resource products.

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