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July 15, 2020 | By Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource 2020 Conference Recap: Lloyd Norman, Zions Bancorporation

With over one million customers between Texas and Washington state, Zions Bancorporation and its affiliates require optimized resource management for its many functions, including treasury management, mobile banking, risk compliance, regulatory, and legal. In his presentation at the Tempus Resource 2020 Conference, Lloyd Norman, Senior Vice President and the Senior Planning and Delivery Services Manager for resource planning, shares the formula that saves Zions Bancorporation hundreds of man hours and millions of dollars: efficient processes plus Tempus Resource at every level of operations.

Using Tempus at Every Level

Three years ago, Zions Bancorporation began transforming their resource management processes with Tempus. Every level of the organization uses Tempus and experiences time and efficiency benefits. Employee time is pulled into Tempus weekly, Project and SCRUM managers conduct monthly financial reconciliation, resource managers forecast teams and projects for over 140 unique job roles, and senior management review reports, identify constraints, and manage portfolio risks.

Driving Answers to Key Questions

Zions Bancorporation’s resource management approach begins by posing several key questions:

  • What strategic work is resource constrained (and what constitutes “strategic work”)?
  • What resource risks may become constraints?
  • Are we properly capturing all capitalizable labor?
  • What work is planned and what have people actually been doing?
  • Where do we have capacity now?
  • How accurate are forecasts for planned work?
  • How should we reassign our people when unplanned work arrives?

Then, using Tempus, driving answers with the following RMO activities, scheduled in a way that works for your enterprise (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or ad hoc):

  • Update all project/work attributes (metadata)
  • Update resource attributes
  • Align enterprise strategy to work and size work with SMEs
  • In recurring meetings with Program and Senior Managers, review start dates, unplanned work, constraint resolution, risk mitigation, and forecast quality accountability
  • Generate and review reports


With Tempus at work in every organizational level, it’s no surprise that Mr. Norman reports benefits across all levels. Zions Bancorporation’s RMO has been “wildly efficient, driving millions worth of clearly definable savings into the enterprise.”

Additional benefits include:

  • Visibility gained across the entire enterprise
  • Ability to share data with the C-suite in tools they are accustomed to
  • Higher confidence in cost and other estimates
  • Fewer personnel arbitrations
  • Improved capitalization
  • Improved retention
  • Improved time to market
  • Millions in savings on run time costs
  • Resource managers who adapt to change and unplanned work more effectively
  • Better demand visibility
  • Easier backlog planning
  • Early visibility into portfolio risks and hiring needs

By aligning resources with strategic work and ensuring the right people are available on a complex mix of operational, project, and agile teams, Zions Bancorporation uses its lightweight processes and early visibility into risks and constraints to stand fully prepared to adjust to unplanned work. “Plan people to priorities,” Mr. Norman affirmed.

We thank Lloyd Norman for his detailed and encouraging presentation and invite you to watch the full replay below:

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